What Every Business Owner Must Know About Equipment Transportation

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If you have large machinery or materials that need to be transported and it would be ideal to outsource the work, ask the important questions before you hire any company you find. There are a lot of issues that may arrive when your property leaves your location, and you want to make sure you are prepared for anything that may happen. Start by getting quotes and documenting everything about the machines or materials that will be transported.

Document and Record

Have what will be transported appraised, so you know the exact worth of everything. Create an inventory list for the shipment or all of the components that will be transported. Take pictures of the items, and take a video if you are transporting a machine that has to follow a mechanical or computer program.

You may have to use this documentation if you need to fix or replace the materials or machine because of something that happens on the road. You may need to prove that everything left your location in prime condition, and you should have documents for the transportation company to sign, agreeing on the condition of the transported items before they leave.

Investigate the Insurance

You need to know everything about the insurance you may have to cover what is being transported, and the policy the transportation company has. Their policy has to cover the value to have the machine or materials completely replaced if needed. The insurance policy of the hauling company should cover anything that happens to their employees driving and as passengers if there is an injury, and anything that their drivers may do.

You don't want to be liable if one of their staff members has an auto accident and injures other people on the road, and you don't want to pay worker's compensation for one of their employees. Ask your insurance professional what type of transportation coverage you have, and ask them to look over their policy to ensure it's enough.

Ask about Exterior Coverage

What type of cover will be protecting your machinery or materials throughout travel? Can the moving company guarantee that wind, moisture, and exterior objects can't come in contact with the item or materials being moved? Ask whether the cover will be hard or soft, whether the area is sealed, and whether they can guarantee that there won't be anything that can damage your items during transportation.

Don't just trust any company with a trailer to move items that have value to your company. Make sure all drivers are licensed and certified to drive your materials or machinery, and verify estimates and costs to make sure you pay a fair price. Frasier Transport Inc is a transportation company in your area you can contact.