2 Tips For Maintaining Your Septic System

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Taking care of a septic system is extremely important, mostly because of the many problems that can occur if you fail to maintain the system. Two tips for maintaining a septic system are to use septic-safe items and and empty the tank regularly.

Septic-Safe Items

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your septic tank lasts for a very long time is to make sure that you only flush items down your drains that the septic tank can handle. In most cases, your septic tank will be able to handle any item that will break down quickly once it is in the tank. Any items made out of metal and plastic should be kept out of the tank because they will not break down, which will cause your septic tank to become full very quickly.

Even products that you already flush down your toilet will need to be traded in for versions that are labeled as septic-safe. For example, you will want to use septic-safe toilet paper because it breaks down even faster than normal toilet paper. This is very important because traditional toilet paper may not break down quickly enough, while can cause it to clog the drains in the tank itself and cause waste to back up.

Empty The Tank Regularly

Emptying the septic tank on a regular basis is vital, mostly because you will not know that the tank is full until you are already seeing damage due to an overflowing septic tank. In most cases, an overflowing septic tank will result in some very unpleasant problems, such as a yard flooded with waste or waste flooding back into your house through the drains.

You can schedule a professional cleaning service to come and inspect your septic system and let you know if your tank needs to be cleaned, and how frequently it should be cleaned in the future. The frequency of the septic tank cleaning will be based on the number of people using the system and the size of the tank. For example, a small household may only need to clean the tank out once every few years, while a commercial building may require that the tank be emptied once a year or more.

Speak to your local septic tank service in order to discuss the various ways that they can help you maintain your septic system. If you empty the tank regularly and only use septic-safe items, your septic tank will be able to last for quite some time with little to to no problems. If you want help, click here for more information.