Tips To Keep Your Oil Burning Furnace From Experiencing Major Problems

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Oil burning furnaces are a remarkably affordable way of keeping your home a warm, and it should come as no surprise that these systems are very common in extremely cold climates. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that new homeowners may not be intimately familiar with how these systems work, and this can make them more likely to experience significant problems with their units. Following these two simple maintenance tips will help ensure that your heating system does not fail when you are needing it the most.  

Look For Fraying Wires

Many people make the critical mistake of assuming that an oil-powered heating system has no use for electricity. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Gas furnaces rely on electricity to power the distribution fan, and some use it to control internal electronics for monitoring performance. 

The wiring that connects these various parts of the furnace can start to wear down as time progresses. This often results in a wearing away of the exterior plastic insulation, and when this layer breaks down, it can cause the wire to start unraveling and fraying. Frayed wiring can impact the performance of your system, and it can pose a fire risk. Due to these threats, you should always contact an experienced repair professional if you notice any of the wiring on your furnace start to fray because repairing this problem early will likely minimize the damages and keep repair costs lower. 

Keep Aboveground Components Coated With A Sealant

The storage tank is essential for ensuring that your home has adequate amounts of heating oil throughout the winter. However, most homes use above-ground storage systems, which can expose them to a variety of weather-related stresses. To ensure that these stresses do not result in corrosion or other forms of damage, you should always apply a thick coating of sealant to these components. 

The sealant will form a protective layer that will prevent moisture from corroding the metal, and this layer will also help protect against leak-inducing scratches and punctures. You will need to apply this coating at least once every few years to make sure that it does not lose effectiveness, and performing this routine step can help ensure that your home avoids the need for these expensive repairs. 

A well-working furnace system can be the difference between spending a night in a warm comfortable home or a freezing one. Sadly, if you are a new homeowner, there is a chance that you may not be particularly familiar with these systems. By replacing frayed wires and keeping above-ground components protected against the elements, you can help ensure your system avoids major malfunctions or the need for major repairs. Talk to a professional like Fox Fuel Co for more information.