3 Hardware Store Items To Always Keep On Hand In Your Factory

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There are a lot of things at your average hardware store that can be very helpful in your factory. If you stock up on a few basic supplies at a hardware store now, you'll ensure that your maintenance crew always has what it needs to make repairs. This can help things run more smoothly in your factory and can help prevent equipment from wearing out at the wrong time, such as in the middle of your 3rd shift, when there are no hardware stores open.

1. Hoses

You probably use a lot of hoses in your factory, and as you might have learned in the past, these hoses can tear and wear out quickly for seemingly no reason. This is why it's a good idea to purchase long hoses from a hardware store to keep on hand. Then, you can cut them to the proper size when a hose wears out somewhere in your factory. Don't skimp when buying these hoses; although you can usually find cheap hoses, these are usually more prone to tearing and breaking. Instead, look for thicker, more durable hoses that are nice and flexible.

2. Hose Fittings

Along with hoses, you should also keep hose fittings on hand in your factory. Hose fittings can wear out without any warning, or they can slowly rust and become damaged and require replacement. Either way, hose fittings are inexpensive and can often be purchased in bulk to get a better price. Purchase hose fittings that are coated with a protective coating that is designed to prevent rust and corrosion. Also, consider investing in different sizes so that you'll always have the fittings that you need.

3. Pipes

If you use pipes in your factory, you should also have extras on hand. It's best to have them pre-cut to the sizes that you generally need, since you may or may not have the necessary equipment and manpower to cut them on the fly. Opt for pipes that are made of a strong and durable metal, and make sure that you choose a pipe that has a protective coating.

It might seem unnecessary to go ahead and purchase hardware that you don't need. Stocking up on these three things now can help you search out the best prices instead of buying them for any price when you're in a panic, and it can help prevent your equipment from breaking down when you can't repair it. Luckily, a quick trip to a local hardware store should provide you with these three things and any other hardware that you might need to keep on hand. And for the more specialized parts and tools you might need in a pinch, find a store like McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware to stock up on industrial materials and supplies.