Refrigerator Cooling Problems: Signs Of A Bad Air Compressor

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Have you had to increase your monthly budget for groceries because the refrigerator does not get cold enough for food to stay fresh? You either need to get a new refrigerator, or the compressor that creates cold air might be going out and need to be replaced. In this article, learn the things that can go wrong with a refrigerator when it's time to get the air compressor replaced.

The Air Compressor Never Shuts Off

The air compressor in a refrigerator is designed to come on every now and then to maintain the temperature that you want your food stored in. If you notice that your refrigerator is making a loud noise that never goes away, it is a good sign that the fan inside of the air compressor is running. The motor can also make loud sounds when the air compressor is running. The reason the air compressor is having such a difficult times shutting off is because the temperature in your refrigerator is not reaching the level of degrees on that is set on the thermostat. The problem won't go away unless the root of the problem is fixed, which can be one of the parts inside of the air compressor lie the motor and fan (the entire air compressor might be broken).

The Refrigerator Smells Like Something is Burning

The first thing that you should do if you know that the burning odor in your kitchen is coming from the refrigerator is unplug it from the outlet. The burning odor means that one of the parts in your refrigerator is getting hotter than it should, and it might be the air compressor. The air compressor might be getting hot because it is working so hard on a continuous basis to keep your refrigerator cool. If the air compressor gets too hot, eventually it will spark up a flame. Before a fire starts, you might notice that your refrigerator has stopped keeping food cold altogether.

You Have to Continuously Turn On Tripped Circuit Breakers

If your refrigerator stops running all of the time due to the circuit breaker giving it power tripping, you should get the air compressor inspected by a contractor as soon as possible. Circuit breakers will usually trip as a way to prevent your house from catching on fire if electrical wires are getting too hot. If there is a bad air compressor in your refrigerator, it may be heating up the wires in the wall. Speak to an air compressor contractor (like kruman equipment co.) to find out what's going on!